Sunday, January 29, 2012

CrapCleaner now on Mac!

I've been using this free product for years to quickly clean up Windows machines, I was pretty happy to see it on OS X! Most of these things can be done easily by hand, but to have a free tool to do them all in one place speeds things up.

CCleaner for Mac

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some Angry Bird

I had a little down time and created this just for fun. It's freely available under GPL for whatever you like. Download SVG

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Apple's Stickies Notes tips to get your sticky note into Notes for syncing:

Open Stickies and type: Command + N, type your note.

Highlight your Sticky Note content then follow the menus: Stickies, Services, New Note With Selection. Mail should open and your new Note with the Stickies note content should pop up. If you are syncing Apple Notes in iCloud, or wherever, you should get them on your other Macs as well as your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch devices like magic. 

Nice, but....

Apple, please enhance the Notes and Stickies applications as follows. 

Create a small unobtrusive menubar note app that runs when I log in! Allow the creation of notes from this tool without having to open or run the Mail app, but sync to Mail's Notes as well as in the Notes apps on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad via iCloud. As a bonus, allow this tool to also create Stickies from existing notes without having to run a service in which both Mail and Stickies have to be running; it does not make sense that Stickies runs separately from Notes anyway, they are both notes! Give the user the ability to sync or not sync each individual note, and maybe add some cool tagging to give it a little organization, but keep it mostly simple. 

I know this really isn't artsy, nor is it open source, but this note thing bugs me.